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Develop Apps for iOS, get started, and learn the basics of Xcode, SwiftUI, and UIKit to create native apps for iOS.

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Why Learn iOS Development ?

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Apple keeps on innovating amazingly versatile apps with exciting user interfaces. Hence for iOS developers, it is important to think smart, stretch their creativity level and think out of the box to build cool native iOS applications. The iOS app store is the second-largest app store market and holds over 2.2 million apps (according to the estimates of 2018) Thus, the increasing use and the rising popularity give rise to a huge demand for iOS app developers.

Hence, Logicwaves Academy has come up with a comprehensive course for native mobile app development on iOS. Explores the tools, technologies, capabilities, and languages included in the iOS SDK that make app development possible. Acquire the knowledge of design patterns, features, and the core fundamentals that form the backbone of an iOS app. Get your hold on the language of the iOS developer with expertise and competence. Get all ready to start off as an iOS developer

What will you learn?

1. Swift environment

Learn from the basics, get familiar with working in the Swift environment

2. Xcode

Learn the fundamentals and build-up of the Xcode app

3. Multi-screen apps

Understand single and multi-device UI and discover the ways to working with multi-screen apps

4. App Creation

Master creating Augmented Reality apps using Apple’s new ARKit and build fully-fledged apps for your startup or business.

Who Should Take Up iOS Development


Learning Objectives :

Gain the understanding of syntax used in the Swift Programming Language

Topics :

   Types, Variables




   Structs, Classes




   Memory Management

   Generic Programming

Learning Objectives :

Learn the different Design Patterns practiced in Swift and their implementation

Topics :





   Protocol Oriented Programming


Learning Objectives :

Get a hold on App Development, Discover the ways to make apps from scratch, and explore the lifecycle of the app.

Topics :

   App Architecture

   App Lifecycle

   View Lifecycle

   Create your First App

Hands-on :

   Implement different layout and material designing aspects in applications developed in Android Studio.

Learning Objectives :

Learn UI Design and create responsive UI. Study advanced user interface layouts.

Topics :

   Single Device UI

   Multi-Device UI

   Multiscreen Apps

   Presenting View Controllers

   Tab Bar


   Complex UI


Hands-on workshop description :

   Pulling and pushing images. Design your own images using Dockerfile and drive to Docker Hub.

Learning Objectives :

   Learn the ways to protect data even if the app stops running.

   Core Data

   Codable Protocol

   Entity Relationships

   Reading Data

   Writing Data

   Updating Data

   Deleting Data

   Unique Data

Learning Objectives :

Learn the ways to communicate with services over the network using both SOAP & RestFul services.

   Parsing JSON

   Parsing XML


Learning Objectives :

Get acquainted with the levels associated with mixing code from other languages.

Sub Topics :

   Creating Frameworks

   Mixing Swift and Objective-C

   About CocoaPods

Hands-on workshop description :
  • Gain expertise in Single Host Networking and Creating a Bridge Network.
Topics :



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iOS Development

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iOS Development

You will acquire the following skillset :

   Creating simple Swift Projects

   Building iOS applications that run on several devices

   Writing Programs in Swift

   Best practices while making iOS Apps

After the completion of the course, you will study the implementation of different aspects of the swift programming language as well as iOS App Development. You will also gain the expertise of building an entire app by yourself.

There are no restrictions but participants are required to have basic C#, Java, and C++ programming knowledge. Also note, this is a beginner-level course.

During the virtual classrooms, students can log in at the scheduled time to a live learning environment which is led by an instructor. You can view, interact, communicate, and discuss presentations, and while working in groups, all in an online setting. The extensive set of collaboration tools and techniques provided by us enhance your online training experience.

Minimum Requirements

   Mac running Mac OS 10.14 or later

   Xcode 10 or later

   Minimum 8 GB RAM

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